Turn Photos, Songs to Music into NFT

How to Create & Sell NFT

First of all, you need to have a wallet to store your crypto.

Use MetaMask wallet that can be embedded in Google Chrome, Firefox, to iOS.

Install MetaMask Chrome Browser
Install MetaMask FireFox Browser
Install MetaMask Brave Browser
Install MetaMask Android
Install Meta Mask IOS

After the installation is complete, click the MetaMask button in your browser. In the MetaMask view, click the Create Account button then give your wallet a name, and your wallet will be created automatically.

To Create NFT, you need to have collection to managed your NFT's, please follow instruction bellow:

  1. After login by connect your wallet, click create My Collections.

  2. In here, you'll be find all of your created collections.

  3. Click on New Collection to create Collection

  4. You'll be taken to the Collection creation page. This page will allow you to upload your Collection image, name it and add a description.

  5. Royalty for your NFT's will be set here too, you could add up to 5 royalty addresses in case you have team to create your NFT and want to divide the royalty evenly.

  6. Once you're done customizing your Collection, click Submit and then you could continue to create your NFT

Note : Please note that an NFT is an album. An album can contain photo, audio, video, or a combination of them.
Example : You can create 1 NFT which is 1 album containing 2 photos and 5 songs.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Collections in the top right of your screen

  2. Select Collection to put your NFT

  3. Click on New NFT

  4. You'll be taken to the NFT item creation page. This page will allow you to upload your NFT file, name it and add a description. Drag and drop your file ( image, audio, or video ).

  5. In 1 NFT can contain multiple media at once by uploading more files

  6. Enter the number of copies ( Quantity ) of your NFT, and then click the SUBMIT button.
    note : please note that fewer copies will make your NFT rarer

  7. The MetaMask window will appear automatically, then follow the steps for approval and sales confirmation
    in this stage there are 3 confirmations that the system needs to do, please wait until the Minting process is complete

  8. At this stage the Seller will be charged a Gas Fee (see point 1 - KeyTerm)
  1. Enter the price you want for your NFT.
  2. Then enter the number of copies you want to sell

  3. Once you're done customizing your NFT, click Submit. Congrats, you've just made your NFT!